Chaturbate Token Hack – FAQ

1) When I start the Chaturbate Token Hack I get the error message “To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET Framework:…”

You can fix this error by installing Net Framework 4.5. Click here to get redirected to the official Microsoft Net Framework 4.05 Page.

2) Is this tool secure and can I use it unlimited times?

Yes, you can use this tool unlimited times and it is safe for the user as it includes a VPN plugin. However, we do not take any responsibilities for what you use this tool for.

3) Why does it need a license key?

Due to people leaking this tool without giving credits to the original coder, we decided to add this security measure. Users will now have to download and register their license from now on on our website. This is 100% free of course. You will have to complete a short offer which takes max. 30 seconds.

4) My question is not listed here

Feel free to contact us by E-Mail ([email protected]) or by using the contact page.